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Ordinance Number 21-01

An Ordinance Authorizing Administrative Fines for violations of City Code Chapters 71 (Parking Regulations), 91 (Animals), 92 (Health & Safety; Nuisances), and 93 (Streets & Sidewalks).


Chapter 71: Parking Regulations

                  Restrictions of vehicles and other items on streets and front yards of residential areas


Chapter 91: Animals

                  Running at large, Licenses, Impounding, Basic Care, Feeding Strays


Chapter 92: Health And Safety; Nuisances

                  Ice and snow on sidewalks, Inoperable motor vehicles, Building maintenance and appearance, Weeds and uncontrolled                      plant growth (grass), Open Burning


Chapter 93: Streets & Sidewalks

                  Obstruction and Right-of-Way

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